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Rare vintage comic books ruined by water turned into art

1424524569974BRANDON, FLComic book store owner William Insignares recently discovered several of his pricey vintage comics were ruined by water.

“It still makes me sick,” said Insignares, who owns Blockbuster Comics in Brandon has been going over his list full of comics, some of which are rare, that were ruined by water and mold at his store.

The water damage ruined big ticket items in the shop like a 1956 Superman Volume 1 #109, valued at around $950, and a signed, now irreplaceable issue of Crisis of Infinite Earths.

“[That] one was special because the late Dick Giordano signed it for me,” he said.

Insignares looked for inspiration in his heroes of pulp and turned his tragedy into triumph. His plan is to now preserve these valuable comics for all to see.

“I thought, why not take these valuable pages, beautiful comic art and preserve it forever,” he said.

William teamed up with Seriously Fun, LLC to redecorate, starting with the front door.

“What we are going to do is take some of the comic books and fuse them to the front door using a proprietary modge-podge method we use, that way they can be immortalized for life,” said David Noll, co-owner of Seriously Fun, LLC.

The door covered with rare comics is expected to be completed by March.

You can track their progress by checking out their Facebook page.

Jerry Fine, who brought Superman creators together, dies at 97


CLEVELAND, OH — If it was not for Jerome Fine, we may never have had Superman. Family members announced that Fine, 97,  died December 25.

In the early 1930s, Jerome Fine heard that his friend, Joe Shuster, was transferring to Glenville High School.

“Joe and I went to elementary school together and he was always an amazing artist,” Fine said in 2009 at a meeting of the

Jerome "Jerry" Fine and Joanne Siegel, the widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, at the 2009 gathering of the families of the two creators. AP Photo

Jerome “Jerry” Fine and Joanne Siegel, the widow of Jerry Siegel, at the 2009 gathering of the families of the two creators. AP Photo

Siegel and Shuster families in Cleveland. “I remember he created the most incredible colored maps and he showed me how he did it. We did a comic strip together for the newspaper called “Jerry The Journalist,” where I was depicted as a grasshopper.”

Fine urged Shuster to contact his cousin, Jerry Siegel, when he got to Glenville High School. “He did and they started working together at the Glenville Torch,” Fine said. “The rest is history, isn’t it?”

And history it was. Siegel and Shuster began a working relationship that came to fruition in 1938 when Superman graced the cover of the first issue of Action Comics No. 1.

Action Comics Cover Art Sells for $112K

Curt Swan would be humbled.

YORK, PA –The original Curt Swan cover art for Action Comics #309 rewrote the record books at Hake’s Americana when it sold for $112,015 on day three of the firm’s Nov. 19-21 auction. The sale made it the highest-grossing Hake’s auction since the company’s launch in 1967.

Curt Swan cover art for Action Comics #309 featuring the Superman family and John F. Kennedy, $112,015. (Photo: Hake’s Americana)

Curt Swan cover art for Action Comics #309 featuring the Superman family and John F. Kennedy, $112,015. (Photo: Hake’s Americana)

Swan’s cover art for Action Comics #309 is believed to be the only surviving original art from the issue DC Comics tried to recall in JFKthe week following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. “While there was nothing at all disrespectful about the comic book’s portrayal of JFK as Clark Kent, a comic book is still entertainment, and its release might have seemed inappropriate at a time when America was grieving over the death of its president,” said Hake’s General Manager Alex Winter. “Although DC Comics did its best to recall the issue, the distribution process was already too far along for it to be stopped. As a result, Action Comics #309, and the cover art we sold, will always have a connection to history.”

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