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Kids Celebrate Story time at Poinciana Library’s Jammy Jamboree

POINCIANA, FL –Once a month, Osceola Public Library branches invite children of all ages to come in their PJ’s, to enjoy an evening of story time and crafts during its Jammy Jamboree event.

Kimberlee Lewis, Youth Specialist for the Poinciana branch organizes this event to enhance the desire to read among young children.  With Internet research available in most every home it is up to the library to find creative ways to draw children in.

“While having reading tools and games online may have some benefits, having the interaction of actually hearing and watching someone tell a story and the back and forth that comes with it, makes it more fun” Lewis explains.  Children learn comprehension, which is a big thing right now. While students can read something to you they often have a hard time explaining what it is they have read. “  Jammy Jamboree provides visual stimulation and Q&A throughout.”

The library’s outreach programs extend to teens as well.  Lewis goes to local high schools to engage teen readers in her “Book Tasting” event.  Six chapter books are presented along with six different foods.  Teens are encouraged to match the food they try along with the book – based on title, color or character.  The exercise opens a dialogue with students to have them read books they may have once passed over. The event has drawn over thirty new teen readers to the library since its inception.


APV Votes to Outsource Management, Angers local Residents


 Signpost located on the grounds of main headquarters - Photo A. Caraballo

Signpost located on the grounds of main headquarters – Photo A. Caraballo

Poinciana, FL – Despite public outcry, on Monday January 7, 2013 The Association of Poinciana Villages’ (APV) Board of Directors voted 5 to 2 to hire Continental Group as its new manager.

Approximately 100 local residents and only 6 of the 9 members of the APV Board were in attendance.  The vote was made before any input from the area residents was heard, to hand over management of APV Homeowner’s Association to a third party – Continental Group.  This decision came as a shock to many area residents since APV provides the only local government for Poinciana.

The Association of Poinciana Villages is a non-profit civic organization operating exclusively for the promotion of the health and safety of the owners and residents of Poinciana.  APV provides services for the common good of the community (i.e. street lighting, sidewalks, enforcement of the restrictive covenants, maintenance of the right of ways, parks, mowing of the drainage systems, etc.).

Jeanette Coughenour, manager of the APV tried to dispel rumors in late 2012 when word leaked that the APV’s board of directors considered the possibility of having a private management firm submit proposals to oversee APV’s future operations. As a result, a firestorm of protest emerged as concerns grew over local jobs being lost. Coughenour issued a public statement claiming the review was nothing more than a possible cost-savings and future efficiency measure.

Association of Poinciana Village Headquarters - Photo by A. Caraballo

Association of Poinciana Village Headquarters – Photo by A. Caraballo

However, many residents do not see it this way. The common concern was the cost effectiveness of the move and whether or not it would raise homeowner’s association dues.  The board did not acknowledge such concerns.

Opal Warren, Director of the Poinciana Boys and Girls Club and attendee of the meeting had this to say, “Personally, I believe there are some possible benefits, but it remains to be seen because of the opposition [Continental] is facing from current community leaders.”

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