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Image Comics Gives Dream Deal to Brubaker and Phillips

FadeOutFor the writer-artist team Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, things are about to get a little easier, the team has signed a five-year publishing deal with Image Comics, home of their most recent collaboration, the supernatural noir series Fatale. Image will publish whatever Brubaker and Phillips create and they will retain full ownership of the property, a hallmark of the company.

“It really is like a movie studio gave you an overall deal where you could green light your own projects,” says Brubaker. “If you wanted to do a four-hour Russian film, you could — you may not make a profit, but you could do it.”

Eric Stephenson publisher of Image, explained the unprecedented deal was an easy one to approve because of Brubaker and Phillips’s track record. “Whoever is looking back at comics history is going to be looking back at the work of certain creative teams and Ed and Sean is one the biggest teams we’ve had.” Their catalog includes the espionage thriller Sleeper, which is being made into a film produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Todd; and the noir series Criminal, whose storyline “Coward” is also going to become a movie, directed by Kim Jee-Woon (“The Last Stand”).

The first project under the new deal will be The Fade Out. The series is set to release this summer.

‘Walking Dead’ #1 Comic Book Sells for $10,000

Walking DeadThe Walking Dead is AMC’s #1 horror show that sends chills up the spines of the living. But before it was must-watch TV, it was a critically acclaimed comic book. However, one lucky individual has become its ultimate fan. A buyer, whose name has not been revealed for privacy, recently purchased it on eBay for $10,100.

The seller, FlyersComics, had the issue graded and encapsulated by the Certified Guarantee Company, which gave the book a near mint 9.9 rating.

One reason for this kind of demand for The Walking Dead #1 is its low print run. According to Image Comic’s publisher Eric Stephenson, the first issue had a print run of only 7,300 copies.

WD 2


Special note: Although first issues have more cachet than the second, The Walking Dead #2 is actually even more rare. Stephenson states, only 5,400 first-run issues were printed.


Apple Bans 59 Comics


October’s story on the rise of digital comic sales over the past three years along with Comixology’s growing reach has assured its place within the publishing market. Readers love the look of comics on the iPad screen and they also love the convenience of in-app purchasing, which allows consumers to buy and store their comics within a single app. However, such a vast amount of content must have some sort of monitoring system in place. When Apple bans a comic—usually because of sexual or mature material or nudity – it is a big deal, and so far it has happened to 59 comics this year.

Publishers blame Apple’s inability to clarify what criteria they [Apple] use to judge whether a title should be20099-v1-197x banned. The most recent case of banned comics involves writer Matt Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky’s series Sex Criminals, published by Image Comics. Sex Criminals is a comedy about a couple who can stop time when they have sex—and use that power to rob a bank. Apple approved the first issue, published in September, for in-app purchase. The second issue was rejected. Last week, Image Comics was notified that the third issue had also been rejected—and now the first issue has been retroactively banned as well. Image publisher Eric Stephenson said that no reason was given for the rejection. “We received notification from Comixology, not directly from Apple, but they give us no explanation whatsoever,” he said. “They just say they’ve rejected it.”

When Apple rejects a comic it means readers can’t buy them from within an iOS app, however, they can still buy the comics on the Comixology or Comics Plus Web storefront or Android platform and sync them on to their iOS devices from there. Banned comics also are available in the Apple iBookstore, but the iBookstore doesn’t sync with Comixology or other comics apps.

Being excluded from the Comixology app is serious business for publishers. The digital distributor was the third highest grossing iPad app in 2012, and in September they reported that comic downloads had reached the 200 million mark.

Stephenson said when Image comics are banned from in-app purchase, “we make sure people are aware of what’s going on and all the various alternatives.”

Asked whether he thinks editors and creators are keeping Apple’s standards in mind as they create or edit a comic, Stephenson responded, “I guess they might, but we certainly aren’t telling people to change anything. I mean, we’re doing the Black Kiss II Christmas Special, and I guarantee you Howard Chaykin isn’t toning anything down to suit Apple’s prudish tastes.”

As for whether the standards will affect Image’s digital strategy going forward, he said, “Not immediately, but it’s certainly an incentive to broaden our efforts.”

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