AA88 Press debuts ‘The Devil You Know’

DevilHOWELL, NJ – Independent comic book company Aces and Eights Press (AA88 PRESS) has released its flagship title THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, Frank Mula’s dark-fantasy adventure as a series for mature audiences.

Creator Frank Mula’s sinister tale centers around Greydon Cross, an ordinary man who finds his family inexplicably murdered by Satan. Driven by vengeance he cuts a deal with Heaven, in exchange for powers he must assassinate Satan – with one catch, if he succeeds he must take up the mantle himself. Creative team Kellik Iskandar (pencils) Nunun Nurjannah (inks) Victoria Pittman (colors) and Sal Brucculeri (edits).

Mula, co-owner of AA88 Press adds, “Greydon is a character driven by vengeance and rage and the series aims to explore how rage can fuel someone to power.  If Hell is a world filled with bad people, what happens if one of these people has so much rage inside, that person becomes more dangerous than Satan himself.  In this series we examine what it would take for a good man to be King in a world of bad people, and how much of his morality must be sacrificed to accomplish this feat.”

By AA88 Press

By AA88 Press

Set as an ongoing series with seven realms of Hell, each realm will be a completely different world than the previous one.  This particular realm will run 12 issues and tell a complete story.

Future projects from AA88 Press include, a four-issue mini-series called, Fallstreak, Badassary, and Ninja Baseball Man.

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is currently available in print at aa88press.com/store and ComiXology http://bit.ly/1J5MAZT.

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