Rare vintage comic books ruined by water turned into art

1424524569974BRANDON, FLComic book store owner William Insignares recently discovered several of his pricey vintage comics were ruined by water.

“It still makes me sick,” said Insignares, who owns Blockbuster Comics in Brandon has been going over his list full of comics, some of which are rare, that were ruined by water and mold at his store.

The water damage ruined big ticket items in the shop like a 1956 Superman Volume 1 #109, valued at around $950, and a signed, now irreplaceable issue of Crisis of Infinite Earths.

“[That] one was special because the late Dick Giordano signed it for me,” he said.

Insignares looked for inspiration in his heroes of pulp and turned his tragedy into triumph. His plan is to now preserve these valuable comics for all to see.

“I thought, why not take these valuable pages, beautiful comic art and preserve it forever,” he said.

William teamed up with Seriously Fun, LLC to redecorate, starting with the front door.

“What we are going to do is take some of the comic books and fuse them to the front door using a proprietary modge-podge method we use, that way they can be immortalized for life,” said David Noll, co-owner of Seriously Fun, LLC.

The door covered with rare comics is expected to be completed by March.

You can track their progress by checking out their Facebook page.

Forgotten story of Women’s Hospitals retold in WWI comic anthology

Women solidersThe story of how a determined group of women made a huge contribution to the war effort has been retold in graphic form for an anthology marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Selina Lock is the author of Go home and Sit Still which tells the true story of the Scottish Women’s Hospital, created by Dr. Inglis, a woman surgeon whose services were refused by the army.  Instead of ‘going home and sitting still’ as the army instructed, she created a unique hospital to look after troops in Russia.

The story is featured in To End All Wars: the Graphic Anthology of the First World War, published by Soaring Penguin Press, an anthology of 26 short graphic narratives based on actual events, places and people.

Lock is a Research Information Advisor at the University of Leicester and a contributor and editor to several comics anthologies. Lock recalls, “When I started researching women in the First World War I came across several accounts from women who had been involved in the Scottish Women’s Hospitals and thought they were an inspiring group.

to-end-all-wars-Go-Home-and-Sit-Still-Selina-Lock-Arthur-Goodman“There is an underlying message of feminism to the story because the SWH evolved from the suffrage movement. They wanted to support the war effort, while showing that women could contribute many different skills. But mainly I wanted to tell their story because I had no idea there were British women out in Russia running hospitals during WWI and I thought other people would also find that interesting.

“One of the editors John Clark, a political cartoonist from Nottingham, contacted me about the anthology as he knew me and my previous comic strip work. They were a few months into the project and realised they didn’t have any strips looking at the experiences of women during the First World War and asked if I’d be interested in pitching some ideas.

“I’m thrilled that my story ‘Go Home and Sit Still’, illustrated by Arthur Goodman, was included because it’s a high quality collection of comic strips, inspired by true stories. I feel it does a good job of showcasing a wide range of experiences from different people and different cultures rather than just focusing on the most familiar aspects of the war.”

Brass City Comic Con 2014 Supports a Worthy Cause


WATERBURY, CT – Naugatuck Valley Community College will host the fifth annual Brass City Comic Con 2014 from 10 am – 3 pm on Sunday, July 20 in the NVCC Ruth Ann Leever Atrium. Admission is just 99 cents for adults and free for all cosplayers and kids under 12.

William H. Foster III event coordinator, is nationally recognized for his research of racial representation in comic books, and within the NVCC community for his street-level teaching and powerful lectures. Foster looks forward to another great Convention that he promises features something for everyone.

Customers“As far as I’m concerned, this is a terrific way to raise money for a worthy cause,” said Foster, who has organized for a portion of the profits to be donated to Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury.

“Plus, it’s always a good time when you get a bunch of people together talking about and doing what they love – even if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s fun, it’s different and it’s something to do on your own or with your family.”

The Convention will include hands-on activities, art battles, discussion panels, speakers and a variety of comic books, toys, games and collectibles for sale. Each family will also receive a free comic book.

For more information visit www.brasscitycomiccon.com.

Komic Kreators of Mid-Hudson Valley Showcases Local Artists

SpideyPoughkeepsie, NY – Komic Kreators of the Mid-Hudson Valley features the work of Hudson Valley artists who can be found in The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday comic strip, Brenda Starr, Dick Tracy, Thor, The Avengers and the work of Liza Donnelly, cartoonist for New Yorker magazine.

Fred Hembeck of Wappingers Falls, whose work includes drawing and writing storylines for The Amazing Spider-Man is looking forward to seeing his work featured in the show and expanding his audience.

“It will be people who aren’t necessarily steeped in the whole comic book thing,” Hembeck said. “This will give them a new appreciation for the amount of effort that goes into making this art.”

41819768001_4053586236001_trim-F9155C46-F84B-41D6-98AE-D27CBFEEA6EC-vsSpecial events set to be held in conjunction with the show include, “The Genesis of a Comic Image/Strip” Feb. 21 and “Women in Komics” on Feb. 28. “Women in Komics” will focus on the evolving role of women featured in comics and comic book-based movies as well as women who create comics.

“When you do this kind of work, you’re pretty much on your own most of the time,” Hembeck said. “And you kind of know that people read the stuff and enjoy it, but you don’t really witness it. It’s nice to have people see it in person and maybe say a few good things about it.”

For more information check www.artsmidhudson.org

AA88 Press debuts ‘The Devil You Know’

DevilHOWELL, NJ – Independent comic book company Aces and Eights Press (AA88 PRESS) has released its flagship title THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, Frank Mula’s dark-fantasy adventure as a series for mature audiences.

Creator Frank Mula’s sinister tale centers around Greydon Cross, an ordinary man who finds his family inexplicably murdered by Satan. Driven by vengeance he cuts a deal with Heaven, in exchange for powers he must assassinate Satan – with one catch, if he succeeds he must take up the mantle himself. Creative team Kellik Iskandar (pencils) Nunun Nurjannah (inks) Victoria Pittman (colors) and Sal Brucculeri (edits).

Mula, co-owner of AA88 Press adds, “Greydon is a character driven by vengeance and rage and the series aims to explore how rage can fuel someone to power.  If Hell is a world filled with bad people, what happens if one of these people has so much rage inside, that person becomes more dangerous than Satan himself.  In this series we examine what it would take for a good man to be King in a world of bad people, and how much of his morality must be sacrificed to accomplish this feat.”

By AA88 Press

By AA88 Press

Set as an ongoing series with seven realms of Hell, each realm will be a completely different world than the previous one.  This particular realm will run 12 issues and tell a complete story.

Future projects from AA88 Press include, a four-issue mini-series called, Fallstreak, Badassary, and Ninja Baseball Man.

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is currently available in print at aa88press.com/store and ComiXology http://bit.ly/1J5MAZT.

‘Soda Pop Anthology’ Showcases Comics by Puerto Rican Women

Soda Pop Anthology is a collection of comics illustrated and written by Puerto Rican women and published independently by a studio of female comics writers, Soda Pop Comics.

Created as a vehicle to document this growing and vastly under represented community of artists its purpose is to establish greater visibility and acceptance for its female creators. Beyond the world of comics, few volumes published on the island of Puerto Rico share such a noble (and difficult) task. As such, it is important to address the “Soda Pop Anthology” as the beginning.

Soda Pop Comics was founded in 2007 by Rosa Colón and Carla Rodríguez in an effort to push other women to create their own comics. These initial efforts resulted in six collections of work under the stamp of “Anthology,” and gave way to four additional editions that were digitally distributed in 2013. The Soda Pop Anthology, gathers the best material from last year in 152 color pages and includes stories created specifically for this print edition.


“Opus Operática” by Rosaura Rodríguez; “El lemur y el pulpo” by Mónica Parada.

A total of 26 artists have participated in the effort, from beginners to more established and experienced voices, offering a fairly comprehensive and complete panorama of the current comic’s production on the island. Beyond the central concept — Puerto Rican women creating comics — there is no forced narrative nor theme that structures the collection.

Each pair of pages takes the reader down a different path — from Rosaura Rodríguez’s semantic games in watercolor to Mónica Parada’s raw absurdity, from the light and playful spirit that characterizes Soda Pop’s work, to Ivia E. Pantoja’s sci-fi imagination with a Japanese influence. Each are complimented with articles on the history of comics and tutorials.


“Aventuras en el mar” by Soda Pop Comics; “Niveles” by Supakid.

The Soda Pop Anthology is an essential publication for collectors of Puerto Rican comics and the hope is that it results in a greater appreciation of the medium. Those who know Soda Pop Comics’ work know the anthology is a link in a grand chain of initiatives — between exhibits, art classes, festivals, scholarship opportunities, and other social activities — aimed at promoting the production of comics on the island of Puerto Rico. Its importance shines through because of its introduction of new artists — and an invitation to join and participate.

Get your copy for a limited time at Libros AC in Ponce De León Avenue in Santurce or order it online at Soda Pop Comics and Amazon.

Cartoonist Roz Chast Receives National Book Award nod

Roz Chast is the first cartoonist to be honored by the National Book Awards in the adult categories when her newest book, “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” was named to the Nonfiction Longlist for the 2014 Awards.

51-pNcJRB9L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?” is Chast’s account of caring for her aging parents.

Chast is the only woman on this year’s list. The Wall Street Journal noted that, between this nomination and Alison Bechdel’s MacArthur “genius grant,” ”It’s a good day to be a female cartoonist.”

Chast replied, “I totally agree. Actually my first thought was just it’s good for cartoons, for the graphic form.”

Chast’s cartoons have been published in many magazines, including The New Yorker, Scientific American, Harvard Business Review, Redbook, and Mother Jones.

She is the author of “Theories of Everything: Selected, Collected, and Health-Inspected Cartoons of Roz Chast, 1978-2006,” a compilation of her favorite cartoons. She also illustrated “The Alphabet from A to Y, with Bonus Letter, Z,” a bestselling children’s book by Steve Martin.

Her awards and honors include honorary doctorates from Dartmouth College, Lesley University/Art Institute of Boston, and Pratt Institute. She is also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a
Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth College.

For more on Chast, visit her website.

The National Book Award is one of the nation’s most prestigious literary prizes. Winners will be announced at the invitation-only National Book Awards Ceremony and Benefit Dinner on November 19 in New York City. To see the full list of nominees or for more information, visit its website.

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